ACSI membership is open to profit-to-members superannuation funds and asset managers primarily managing assets for profit-to-member superannuation funds who are committed to ACSI’s Beliefs.

There are three membership levels:

  • Full membership provides access to ACSI’s services and the opportunity for active participation in decision making through the ACSI Board of Directors and the Member Council.  Full members elect the eleven-member Board, and all Full members are represented on the Member Council, which meets quarterly to approve policy positions, the annual budget and the future research projects as well as ACSI's strategic direction.  Full members may also subcribe to our proxy voting service.

  • Associate membership provides access to detailed company engagement reports, ACSI research and the ability to subscribe to our proxy voting services.

  • International membership is open to overseas pension schemes that would like to collaborate with ACSI with respect to their Australian investment portfolios.

To speak to us about membership, please call +61 (0)3 8677 3890.